New standard for web security F1–UWSS (Unified Web Security Service)

Advanced All-In-One SECaaS to protect your website, contains everything about web security that you are concerned about.

Provides integrated protection against web hacking attacks, web shell infections, distribution of malware via webs, and forgery of web pages with just one platform that can be centrally managed.

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Detect and block hacking attacks against web applications in real time.

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Detect and take measures against webshell infection

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Detect and respond to forgery of web pages

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Detect and respond to the distribution of malicious code via the web

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Providing all four web security services above in a reasonable monthly rental on a cloud platform. Present a comprehensive technical plan for protecting websites and web servers.

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Compatible Web Server Hardware, Middleware, Operating Systems, and Cloud Infrastructure example. Please refer to each product page for details.

Solve your web security concerns with F1Security’s Web Security Solution

50% of all cyber hacking incidents are caused by websites being attacked. 90% of website hacking incidents infected a webshell. And, 97% of cyber attacks are targeted at SMEs.

The most important security area for cyber world is web security. F1Security protects your web system from web hacking.

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F1-UWSS provides solutions to the following three problems that all SMEs have in the world.

Our clients can get various web security services with one platform, simply operate, use it at a reasonable price.

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Provide powerful web security solution using our patented technology.

Applied about 30 kinds of patent technologies that we have about web security around the world.

continue to improve solutions and file patents in our own research and development labs. All our technologies and patents are used to further benefit our clients and partners.

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Web malware detection technology based on artificial intelligence machine learning

AI machine learning based predictive model development technology

F1Security's solution is built on the experience of large-scale web security services.

Analysis of malicious code distribution on 4 million websites per day. Vulnerability checking and treatment support 5 thousand websites per year.

Has a team of experts who can inspect and analyze large Web sites in real-time, and applied their know-how to the solutions and continue to upgrade.

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Customer Story & Use Cases
provides solutions to the following three problems that all SMEs have in the world.

Our end-users and partners have been solving many issues about difficult and various web security.

  • practical user cases in government agencies, financial institutions, educational institutions and general enterprises
  • clients of all sizes, including enterprises and SMEs
  • partners such as web hosting, MSSPs, ISPs, and SI companies are choosing our solutions

* SME: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, MSSP: Managed Security Service, ISP: Internet Service Provider, iDC: internet Data Center, SI: System/Security integration

“It was great because it was so easy to install and ready to use. In addition, the initial deployment cost was greatly reduced because the monthly fee was paid only for the usage.”

SangRyun, Sim
Director of Engineering

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