UWSS Pricing

  Basic Pro Premium
Price (Monthly Subscription)  $59 $159 $599
Service Target Number of Web Server 1 1 1
* Physical or Virtual server
Number of Web Domain 1 1 ~ 4 5 +
Web Hacking Protection
Web Application Firewall
WebShell Protection
WebShell Detection & Blocking N/A
WebShell Analysis Support N/A N/A
Web Malware Protection
Web Malware distribution Detection
(Max 50 pages)

(Max 500 pages)

(Max 5,000 pages)
Web Malware Analysis Support N/A N/A
Web Forgery Protection Web Forgery Detection
Technical Support Dedicated Support Team N/A N/A
Agent Installation Support N/A
Security Policy Setting Support N/A
Email Response
Phone Response N/A N/A