(Web Forgery Detection)

Detect your website forgery by deface attack, etc. Forgery detection can use two different algorithms to increase accuracy. And provides a dedicated central management system for efficient management even in large web server environments.

If a website's homepage is tampered with, it is very dangerous because it can lead to damages such as distribution of malicious code and data leakage.

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How it works

F1Security WFDetector works in two ways. One is to remotely monitor web forgery via the Internet, and the other is to detect the agent installed on the web server. Customers can choose to use both, or just one. In the case of the agent method, it uses the agent of WSFinder, so if you use WSFinder, you do not need to install any software.

Web forgery detection technology applying our patent

In order to reduce false positives and accurately detect forgery of a website, we use patented technology that takes advantage of the tag signature of web content.

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