(Web Malware distribution Detection System)

Detect whether malicious code such as ransomware is spread from your website. If your website spreads malware, your web server is hacked already. And, you are not only a web hacking victim, but also a hacking attacker.

You can use it without any configuration changes as your web server, Because our remote scanner server regularly monitors your website. We protect you from inadvertently being a hacker attacker.

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How it works

F1Security WMDS operates on an agentless method to monitor customer’s websites via the Internet. WMDS has the same access as a user accessing a web browser. WMDS analyzes the webpages of the web site that the WMDS connects to in the same way as web browsers to find links that spread malware. Customers only need to set up website domain information to check for malware distribution on their websites.

Protects your website from becoming a hacking attacker

Web Malware Distribution Detection

Detect if malicious code is spread from your website with applying the analysis know-how of large-scaled websites.

Easy installation & setup

Just enter the web domain information and use it without any network topology and configuration changes

Central management system

Built-in real-time dashboard and report generation. Intuitive UI provides convenience. API interworking function for advanced users.

Advanced Web Malware Distribution Detection Technology

Detection of malware distribution using our patented technologies such as "Artificial intelligence machine learning malware detection process and element technology“ and “Malware static and dynamic analysis technology”.

In addition, we apply about 400 million website analysis know-how per day to detect website distribution of new variants of malware. WMDS recognizes and tracks external sites that distribute malware.

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