Detect, isolate and remedy a webshell with server-side agent software and provides a dedicated central management system for efficient management even in large web server environments.

You can install and use the our anti-webshell agent on a physical server in your server room or on a virtual server in the cloud.
90% of hackers who successfully hack a web upload the webshell to enable remote access and administration of the machine.

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How it works

F1Security WSFinder can be easily installed by downloading the Agent software from an intuitive central management system. WSFinder uses algorithms built on its own technology to detect a webshell accurately and quickly. Detected webshell are quarantined to block remote access, protecting them from additional damage such as data leakage, web page forgery, and malware distribution.

Provide essential Anti-WebShell service without interrupting web service

WebShell Detection

Detection based on large-scale website analysis know-how.

Easy installation & setup

Easy installation with no changes to existing network topology, just install an Agent software.

Central management system

Built-in real-time dashboard and report generation. Intuitive UI provides convenience. API interworking function for advanced users.

Advanced Web Shell Detection Technology

Fast webshell detection using five main detection algorithms such as such as regular expressions, YARA, file hashes, SSDeep, malware URLs, and obfuscation detection.
Also can apply user-defined detection pattern for your environment.

You can set up scheduled scans and live monitoring to detect a webshell. You can also upload suspicious files to the cloud's central management system. The uploaded file will be analyzed and feedback by F1Security R&D Lab.

Click, Use immediately

After signing up, you can download the agent software from the management console and install it on your web server and enable web security immediately.

The agent software installs in minutes and does not interrupt your web service.

Saving your budget

Reasonable Pricing, Possible

We do not need large-scale cloud infrastructure to bypass and handle access traffic to customer websites, and we do not need dedicated hardware equipment to install customer's network. With the software we developed, everything is solved.

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