UWSS Resources

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Brochure This is a one-page introduction to the overall contents of UWSS. Brochure download
Proposal This document includes the importance, necessity, problem and solution, and customer value of web security. Proposal download
White Paper This document details the differences in web security practices and the technical perspectives on security features in UWSS. White download
API This document describes the API method for integrating UWSS into your system. API download
FAQ This document contains frequently asked questions about Web security and UWSS. FAQ download
Use Case This document guides you through key customer use cases. UseCase download

UWSS Dictionary

UWSS Abbreviation for Unified Web Security Service. This is a term related to web security that was first used by F1Security. Just like UTM integrates a firewall, intrusion detection / prevention system, and antivirus gateway, F1Security's UWSS integrates web firewall, anti-webshell, web malware distribution detection, and web forgery detection.