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If your customers install web security products directly from the cloud provider's marketplace, they may be at risk if they don't have the expertise. You can help them safely with F1Security.

Security products don't function properly by installation. More effective use of security products requires optimization of the system infrastructure. We can supply partners our on-premise products and even a cloud-based SECaaS platform for specific partners.

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  • - Web is the most popular service for Internet users
  • - Web is the most frequently attacked target
  • - Web is the system with the most data leakages

Web growth and security

Since the advent of the World Wide Web in 1989, the number of global websites has reached 1.44 billion in 2018. Worldwide retail e-commerce sales are expected to grow steadily over the last few years, reaching $ 4.4 trillion by 2021. However, web aimed at providing external services are open to the Internet 24 x 7. And the web has became top priority targets for hackers because web store important online data of companies and privacy.

Because web is the most favorable targets for hackers, causing the most security incidents with massive damages to the customers, they should be the priority for the protection in terms of information security. The same will be true for your customers.

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Issues faced by web security service providers

You may be a web hosting company, a managed security service provider, an Internet service provider, an Internet data center, or a system integrator. And you may be worried about the following problems.

- Acquiring Web Security Professionals
Web security is not only solved by the introduction of security solution, but also requires operation management along the cycle of prevention, detection and response. The important point here is that each process requires a high level of expertise in information security, so it is necessary to have a suitable staff.
- Integrated management of web security solution, increase in operating cost
Products provided by different developers are operated in different central management systems. This increases the complexity of the service provider's system and increases costs such as infrastructure system construction and maintenance, thereby deteriorating profitability.
- Deploying in a cloud environment
As cloud migration of on-premise systems is rapidly progressing, web security solutions provided as hardware-based dedicated appliance devices cannot be used in cloud environments. In addition, the proxy type web security service that changes the DNS server has a risk of interrupting the customer's web service due to the failure of cloud service infra. Also, Web security products installed by end-users who do not know security often do not reduce security threats.

Suggestions for the solution

We know your concerns because we've worked with a variety of security service providers.
So, to address the concerns of security service providers, we offer the following alternatives.

- Continuous professional service through outsourcing
F1Security R & D center and web hacking response team are to support you.
- Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs through integrated management of solutions
F1Security's integrated web security products can reduce your management and operating costs.
- Using Software and SaaS-based solutions and maintain customer service levels
For customers who do not have a web security expert, partners can install and configure agents to service and increase revenue.
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