Protect Your Partners

Protect your partners to protect yourself

The total market size of e-commerce traded online is $ 3,535 trillion in 2019. It has grown more than 20% compared to 2018 and is expected to grow more than 15% in the future
E-commerce's website, which collects and stores privacy information of end customers directly in the form of B2C, is a good target for hackers
(Main Needs)
Providing web security services to store companies that have joined the e-commerce open market. If one store in the open market is hacked, it spreads to the entire platform, causing widespread damage
Providing web security services for open market enterprise stores that are difficult to use their own web security solutions because of low security budget
Web security solutions should never not interfere with access to e-commerce websites
(Customer Choice)
Choosing our solution that doesn't interfere with web site access due to downtime of web security service provider's infrastructure
(Customer Benefit)
Provide Integrated web security services to many small and medium-sized stores in the open market within a limited budget.

(for group affiliate / providers)