Compliance with web security

Protect your company from compliance

Protect a website where customer's Information is stored

In order to comply with personal information protection laws, the security of websites where customer personal information is collected and stored is very important.
Each country's privacy laws are gradually being strengthened, and protection measures are required.

Reinforced legal regulations and web security are essential

In order to carry out technical protection measures for personal information, web security products are essential to be reviewed.

(Example of technical protection measures in Korea's privacy law)
Provision Legal requirements Solution
Article 4, paragraph 5 Information and telecommunication service providers, etc., illegally access and infringe through the telecommunication network For the prevention, the system including the following functions should be installed and operated.
1. Restrict access to the personal information processing system by IP address, etc. Restrict access
2. Illegal personal information by re-analyzing IP address connected to personal information processing system Detect leak attempts
Such systems include intrusion prevention system, intrusion detection system, intrusion prevention system and security operating system.
(Secure OS), web firewall, log analysis system, ACL (Access Control List)
Network equipment, integrated security control system can be utilized.
Article 15, Paragraph 2 Telecommunication service providers, etc. should establish and implement personal information protection measures appropriate to their environment in consideration of the scale of business and the number of personal information. If there is a high risk of web hacking, you should use a web firewall and establish matters related to operation and management such as policy setting and response to abnormal behavior.
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